What's special with the WRTnode2R's baseboard? without the baseboard, the SPI-Bridge fails.

Hi WRTnode Team,
we bought a bunch of the WRTnode2 and absolutely think that they are great!
One question: The real-time Arduino interface works great when using the
baseboard board. However, it does not work when using the WRTnode2
without the development board (powered externally by a 3.3V source).
What would I have to do to create the "spi bridge"? Are there certain
pins that need to be connected or is it more complicated?
Thank you for your help,

xzmu - 10w

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The main-board MOSI lack of pull-up,and the baseboard add it. if you use WRTnode2R transmit data with spi-bridge, sometimes it will failed.

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