Access problem

I have installed a few services for WRTNODE1(original firmware).
If I connect to the device as AP, evertyting is working fine, ie. dlna, samba, ftp, internet.
Under my networks, samba/dlna were listed.

If I connect to my usual router and I Am testing wrtnode's services ftp is working fine, I can reach luci via IP. But I have problem with dlna and samba srvices.
When I go my networks, samba/dlna was not listed. With \IP I can reach samba share, let say It is working somehow, dlna IP:8200 I got the summary page from minidlna server, but with media player, my network, kodi does not see dlna..

I have checked zhere aren't any isolation.

xzmu - 10w


you mean, you can access your service via IP address, but the services not automatic adds to your KODI list, is that right?



Yes, I do not see it under UPnP devices and under windows mediaplayer also not visible. 
Samba sharing doesn't work propertly. If I go to my networks samba was not listed. If go Totalcommander and cd \\xx.x.y.z I see the share.
I think some "discovering feature" does not work..
/If I connect to the device directly as AP everything works fine/