SDK versions

I need some help regarding SDK.

I have successfully made a build from
It is 3.10.49 version.
There is no package repository for this version online available? supports only 3.10.44.
So if I something need I have to build it.

I don't want to loose things on my 3.10.44 original firmware, but I need "kmod-nls-cp437" package(for VFAT)).
Therefore I have decided to make a build from 3.10.44.
I have found link and downloaded SDK ... .bz2.
It has a lot of build issues ie. make menuconfig does not works, bash/tar referencing other location(I have solved with symlink) and now it failed with crc check.. ... l%3D0

Is it possible to get from somewhere a working 3.10.44 SDK? or get just get "kmod-nls-cp437" package? can be usefull in that case? I have checked it now, it has 3.18.29 kernel.
It does not have any tags or branch.

Is it possible to get working SDK for factory original version 3.10.44?

I also checked following packages (mass) from (what is that)
For the first look it has the same kernel version as the factory 3.10.44. But if I try to installit says I have 3.10.44-xyz.. and it is 3.10.44-abc..
The xyz.. and abc... after the version what does mean? Not only kernel version identify?
If I would generate the whole image with same source code on two different machine it will be the same xyz/abc am ending or will be different by each build system?

xzmu - 10w


it's impossile to build 3.10.44's ko for your 3.10.44 firmware. if you wan to use the exact kernel module, please compile firmware fully