I2C usage

I would like to make new firmware with github-3.18.29 source to support i2C.
I have read this tutorials:
http://wiki.wrtnode.cc/index.p ... 95/en
Both are almost same.

I have WRTnode Standard Shield.
https://www.seeedstudio.com/WR ... .html

It looks like it has dedicated pins for I2c (pink color defined part)

Do I need edit in source the pins register to remove the default LED gpio pins definition or with the shield has more free pins?

What are the SDA/SDL pins for the shield (insmod i2c-gpio-custom bus0=0,?,?) ?

xzmu - 10w


If it is the WRTnode1 series of the board, please use the insmod i2c-gpio-custom bus0=0,1,2